Meet the Team

The HoloLife team is passionate and dedicated to building an epic product.
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Jason Blood


Jason has over 20 years experience in the IT industry being a key ingredient in several successful startup companies. His software has won many awards in that time and has helped thousands of people in many walks of life. He believes that technology holds the key to elevating the human race.

Joseph Miglietta


Technical executive and Software Information Architect with over 20 years experience analyzing, developing, producing and launching scalable robust solutions and products. Joseph owns several software patents and has extensive experience running development teams.

Jay Noe

SVP System Architecture

A selfmade developer and entrepreneur, Jay started programming at 8 years of age and quickly progressed thereafter. Working on projects ranging from social media to full patient portals, he is committed to designing a vast and creative world for your HoloLife experience.

The Dream Team

Passionate and dedicated is our game.